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Microsoft Office 2010 The 200 richest list last year minimum ass

<p>Microsoft Office 2010 The 200 richest list last year minimum assets of RMB 650 million yuan<br>
It is revealed that the list this year the most young rich only 24 years of age. In the top 10 in the super rich, half even dissatisfaction 40 years of age. On the whole, <strong><a href="">Office 2010 beta</a> </strong>is very easy.<br>
45 years old of the following list of China's richest almost half of the occupied, they in emerging business accounts for a dominant position. With the media entertainment industry's list of seven people, their average age is only 41.3 years old. IT industry is a young man of the traditional territory, often active in this industry nearly 30 name of the wealthy, of which only nets newsletter founder ZhuMin older. <br>
The proportion of women's increased and the total of 25 female rich list. 15 of these female rich and their husbands or brother assets held together. <strong><a href="">Microsoft Outlook 2010</a> </strong>is a great assistant for your daily life.<strong></strong></p>
<p>November 1 news CDC announced Monday that its board has agreed to the language in the open market highest repurchase of hk $100 million the company stock. Language in trading today closing at hk $0.485. <br>
&quot;We think the current we stock's trading price did not reflect the language, and the long-term value stock repurchase program for the company will benefit all of the shareholders,&quot; <strong><a href="">Microsoft Outlook</a> </strong>is an amazing gift for me.<strong></strong><br>
said the chairman of the board QianGuoFeng language. <br>
Up to now, has been a language of 21 quarter net profit report, ended June 30, 2005, this company has the cash and cash equivalents exceeds 920 million hk dollar. The company also recently announced a released in the United States ADR (American depositary shares) plan to expand and improve shareholder base in international fame. </p>

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Office 2010 $90 billion surplus and structure upgrade

<p>Office 2010 $90 billion surplus and structure upgrade <br>
October 28,, the Commerce Department released this year autumn &quot;Chinese foreign trade situation report. According to the report, this year China foreign trade to keep growing fast, throughout the year is expected to total foreign trade import and export will reach more than $1.4 trillion, <strong><a href="">Office 2010 key</a> </strong>is the newest software this year and many people have accepted it.<strong></strong><br>
an increase of 20% or more, import and export surplus of $90 billion or so, creating a new record. This number to satisfying, but the report he was explicitly pointed out that, China's foreign trade industry structure need to upgrade. <br>
&quot;This is very dangerous.&quot; China international financial company's chief economist HaJiMing said, cheap production factors (including energy) price, price and low labor of science and technology content, and make China always carried the heavy cost burden for other countries to provide economic &quot;subsidy&quot;, but China's foreign trade growth has more and more trade friction. <br>
The previous three quarters of this year, <strong><a href="">Office 2010 download</a> </strong>is free for you.<strong></strong><br>
China faced all kinds of trade friction of the revenues of $8.9 billion, while the first three quarters in 2004 China trade friction involves amount but $1.11 billion. <br>
To China in international trade &quot;need&quot; situation, and HaJiMing some gravamen. He put forward two Suggestions: will cancel, low value-added products of the tax preferential policies, and gradually reduce this kind of product processing production export, the focus to move to the high-end products; Improve the exchange rate flexibility, <strong><a href="">Office 2010</a> </strong>is 100% perfect.<strong></strong><br>
based on the market to take real exchange rate system, do not eliminate could further appreciation of the yuan. <br>
Reporters from Forbes understands, Forbes 2005 list of China's richest on November 3, JieBang, number list from 200 last year to expand to 400, for the first time with the American edition is the list, the bottom line is about the list of RMB 500 million yuan. In the last year, this year's list are greatly increased the difficulty. </p>

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Windows 7 And on this matter not alibaba yesterday could not be

Windows 7 And on this matter not alibaba yesterday could not be reached for comment

Founded in 2005, JiHu company has been focused on WEB2.0, the first in the industry &quot;community + search&quot; the model, has been launched BBS, Office 2010 key is the newest software this year and many people have accepted it.

blog, video, and many other search product, because it is one of the investors behind once created 3721 the company's ZhouHongYi, so in the industry have been attention.

Yesterday, the electrical appliances (000527) published the stock ownership incentive announcement, says will give beauty appliances such as President FangHongBo company directors and senior management personnel, business and technical backbone of a total of 50 million share incentive, accounting for this incentive plan when signed 630 million strands of total equity of 7.93%. To do right after conditions, each stock options have authorized, Office 2010 download is free for you.

within 5 years in the vesting date, to 10.80 yuan to buy a share of stock rights beauty appliances.

In addition to FangHongBo get 6 million of the options, beauty appliances vice President, director CaiJiWu ZhangQuan and family expenses air conditioning division general manager LiDongLai also each get a 3 million stock options. Office 2010 is 100% perfect.

The rest of the directors and backbone of 15 people were given 1.3 million to 750000 range of stock options.

After get stock options, and stock options authority also have conditions, authorized the second year in the future can be won 20% of the options right hand, the third year can do right hand 40% of stock options, the fourth year can do right the rest of 40%. But, from 2006 to 2008 over the three years, the performance of the electric must achieve a net profit growth than that of the previous year not less than 15%, and the annual weighted average net assets yield no lower than 12%. Like the achieve performance conditions, this part such as stock options authority period as the authorized date after a year of the next trading day after right up until the feasible; If short of, this part such as stock options will be invalid.

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Office 2010 trial The data show that by the end of the third qua

Office 2010 trial The data show that by the end of the third quarter of this year

2006 investment of $1.18 billion, 145 deal for Pope pen.

Judging from the industry, IT is still the third quarter field China risk investment activities in the key. The third quarter were $221.8 million invested in 34 IT company, Outlook 2010 is replaced by the Office 2010 product.

investment growth of 85% compared to the same period last year.

JiHu company announced yesterday, the company in the recent won since the founding of the company's second pen risk investment, the wind is cast by five leading institutions overseas, JiHu says the move as a whole WEB2.0 the revitalization of the industry powerful signal.

Following the March 2006 sequoia won four agency first $20 million investment risk, after more than half a year after JiHu appearance in over again won the favor of the investment risk.

The JiHu investment to the five offices for the United States are famous venture investment company plateau capital, red dot investment, sequoia capital, Do you like Microsoft office 2010 trial ?

MatrixPartners and IDG, including plateau to the Chinese mainland capital is the first investment projects.

Although JiHu official did not give the five agencies of the joint investment of a certain amount, but reporters from the company internal awareness to the level of investment for &quot;tens of millions of dollars, more than the first time must be 20 million dollars.&quot; JiHu company President JiXiangDong said: &quot;the second rounds of financing the JiHu, Microsoft Office changes life.

after the search, and positioning still in entertainment and life two fields increasing investment.&quot;

In fact, the wind is cast JiHu for &quot;quite a struggle over the fee,&quot; according to JiHu personage says, after the company rival alibaba once in the American market for lobbying investors, hoping to prevent the JiHu for financing but without success.

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Office 2010 professional plus IT successful investment many IT

Office 2010 professional plus IT successful investment many IT company

including the famous Ask Jeeves, Lycos, Sybase, Staples. Highland capital Daniel novacek will be in the investment into JiHu after the board of directors, There are many improvements in Office 2010 Microsoft .

directors of the capital investment TuHongChuan plateau will serve as the director observers position.

JiHu global initiative in the &quot;community + search&quot; the model, will search for concepts and community concept fusion, this also is regarded as the main reason for the vaunted by capital, in one year, JiHu launched content includes BBS, blog, experience, video, and many other search product.

JiHu President JiXiangDong think, choose from &quot;community + search&quot; this perspective, is due to the future as JiHu Internet judgment; Office 2010 upgrade is on sale now.

Secondly is to avoid and existing search engine of positive competition, capturing a blank area; Three to JiHu is such a mature team, the team had made over 3721, the miracle of collided, have such technical strength.

&quot;The second rounds of financing the JiHu, after the search, and positioning still in entertainment and life two fields increasing investment.&quot; JiXiangDong said, &quot;users of demand presents more entertaining and two big features of life, and search engine will also in these two aspects have new innovation, this is what JiHu direction.&quot;

JiHu chairman ZhouHongYi said: &quot;JiHu rapid development, has displayed to the full in the eye of the search field and strength, and success is only a matter of time.&quot; Microsoft Office 2010 is cheaper than the CDs.

According to ernst &young huaming and dow Jones VentureOne promulgated jointly by the China investment risk third quarter, according to the report in 2006 is expected to headquartered in mainland China enterprise risk investment annual investment of more than 2005 years the number of the 151 pen, wind cast amount will amount to 1.2 billion dollars.

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