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Equity for there are large or variables

Equity for there are large or variables

LuoHongPing refused to disclose the brilliance with the purpose of equity trading company with triple. &quot;The company participate in the auctions affirmation is the goal, but this involves more than a listed company, so I can't unilateral comment.&quot; Microsoft’s best product is Microsoft outlook 2010 .

He did not explain in addition to triple the invested listed company, which involved a su ning, gome electrical appliances such as chain listed companies is not waited speculation list. Industry In addition, in guanghua tiancheng after exposure, is still not in time invested joint announcement disclosure auction results, does that mean equity ownership finally still have variables? Hiding behind a new level of trade?

TCL group (000100), the first quarter of this year the company announcement is expected to operating profit more than 100% year-on-year growth, including equity transfer income of the net profit more than 26 times year-on-year growth. The same period last year, 13.8727 million yuan net earnings per share of 0.0054 yuan. Microsoft Office 2007 is an amazing gift for me.

Growth performance is mainly thanks to the leading industry profitability has a larger ascension, business performance up significantly improved, and the company on February 18, 2008 TCL low-voltage complete sale (wuxi) Co., LTD. 80% equity trading, generating about $350 million in the first quarter earnings acknowledgement once.

Yesterday, a source said, yahoo will reply in local time, on Monday the ultimatum &quot;Microsoft&quot;. Yahoo said: &quot;if Microsoft would like to quote us higher than the price of $31 a share, not against yahoo buyout by Microsoft.&quot; Early February, Office 2010 sp1 is very easy.

and Microsoft and yahoo offer at $31 per share.

It is reported, in answering letters, yahoo will show that the board of directors of the position that is not totally reject Microsoft's takeover bid, but Microsoft should be quoted at $31 per share above price.

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Yahoo's board will also argue Microsoft on "Internet business is

Yahoo's board will also argue Microsoft on &quot;Internet business is slipping.

According to current share price, the scale of the purchase, Microsoft outlook likes the assistant in your office.

Microsoft has dropped to 42.4 billion dollars per yahoo share only, only $29. Yahoo's board think Microsoft underestimated the value of yourself, and rejected an offer.

Last Saturday, Microsoft chief executive ballmer wrote a letter to the board of directors of yahoo's request in to respond within 3 weeks, whether to accept Microsoft takeover bid. To this, yahoo's board to hold an emergency meeting on Sunday to discuss how to respond. There are signs that, if Microsoft reduce the purchase price, Many people like the Office 2010 pro .

yahoo is going to continue to fight against Microsoft's takeover.

Ballmer is Microsoft open letter from two months ago to open 洽购 yahoo published since's first official statement, which shows that Microsoft and yahoo for no progress has lost patience, it plans to put pressure on yahoo's board.

Have analyzed that, Microsoft is the yahoo don't marry, because after yahoo rich &quot;earned&quot;, acquisition will give Microsoft bring five big positive news. Office 2010 home and student is free for you.

Against Google, change of strategic defeat for new way, take this, a greater degree in the market, and drilled in advance some eu regulation of the new rule loopholes.

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Guanghua with actual controller is Forbes rich ZhuMengYi brother

Guanghua with actual controller is Forbes rich ZhuMengYi brother,

in real estate and traditional Chinese medicine did a 0.1 billion kingdom low-key disease-he zhu. And now he's guangdong new south group Co., Office 2010 is the newest software this year and many people have accepted it.

LTD. Is a real estate industry, hotel, across traditional Chinese medicine industry and energy four of the diversity of the areas that large health industry group, the launch of the &quot;DengLao borrow situation SARS cool tea&quot; launched market overnight. His personal with more than 50% shareholding in brilliance.

Directly responsible for the equity m&a judgment and operation of the people, guanghua tiancheng investment LuoHongPing yesterday, general manager of home confirmed guanghua school had invested joint with the equityOffice 2010 key will let your work faster and easier.

, and with the top invested joint have preliminary contact and communication.

However, like nature itself never invested in home appliance guanghua school chains, the executive team, and even the runoff is personal brilliant entrepreneurship and experience, also are lack of the system research or engaged in experience. And why he suddenly halfway down the this completely new areas?

LuoHongPing Co., said that despite the university is an industry, but to guanghua tiancheng say, &quot;this is just a normal investment behavior, pure investment behavior. We prefer consumption, and the potential industry through the judgment standard, comprehensive index, investment style, investment basis, etc, we think this time after the measure in accord with the company invested joint development needs.&quot;

LuoHongPing use &quot;anything is possible, but is showing no results&quot; to describe the current of the above equity disposal plan. He says, there may be a threat, Microsoft Office is a great assistant for your daily life.

may also &quot;and other home appliances enterprise cooperation&quot;, also may use the resources invested joint shell.

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Financial service enterprise increasing use

<p>Financial service enterprise increasing use<br>
of high performance computer system calculation investment risk. Cox in testify also said, the CSRC 2004 eased capital controls rules, and agree to rely on a computer model to evaluate investment risk, the decision is Cox in a written testimony, wrote, these rating misled the investors, also not misled the computer risk assessment model. equivalent to the government supervision function outsourced to Wall Street financial services company. <br>
Cox says, the CSRC's IT department is working with law enforcement cooperation, and create a Shared database-including transaction information, audit material and credit default material, with more effectively guard against financial market risk. <br>
【 SaiDiWang noise 】 25 October, news, South Korea's samsung electronics (Friday October 24) announced the third quarter fiscal year <strong><a href="">Office 2010 activation</a> </strong>is cheaper than the CDs.<strong></strong><br>
financial reports. As the global economic recession and the main business of semiconductors and flat panel displays down prices, samsung electronics in the third quarter of fiscal year in profits by 44%. Samsung electronics stock prices so fell 14%. <br>
Samsung electronics said, in by September 30 year to the third quarter, its profits from the same period last year of 2.19 trillion won dropped to 1.22 trillion won ($869 million). <br>
Although some product A lot of office worker love the<strong> <a href="">Office 2010 professional plus</a> .</strong><br>
prices down, samsung electronics entire sales income growth still was 15.4%, from the same period last year of 16.7 trillion won grew to 19.3 trillion won ($13.7 billion). </p>

Tuesday, 27-Sep-2011 03:16 Email | Share | | Bookmark
According to foreign media reports say,

<p>According to foreign media reports say, <br>
for a long time, greenspan has been used for computer technology to prevent financial market risk gave high sure. For example, <strong><a href="">Microsoft Office</a> </strong>is very easy.<br>
in 2005 he said, with more and more high computer processing power and improved risk assessment model, credit agencies to extend loans to subprime borrowers. <br>
But mister greenspan in a hearing today, said the computer system input data are rubbish. Alan greenspan, the financial services agency decision based on mathematicians and financial experts too, and gets the analysis of computer and communication technology support. But, the gleaming financial building collapsed last summer, the reason is the risk management system of data input is in the past twenty years of data. As is  <strong><a href="">Outlook 2010</a> </strong>will let your work faster and easier.<strong></strong><br>
known to all, the past twenty years financial services business has developed at high speed, from the crisis did not encounter. <br>
Greenspan also said that if the risk management system includes the past financial crises of the data, credit agency on the borrower the mortgaged property requirements would be much higher, the financial services industry also not like has so far not a pretty sight. <br>
The SEC chairman Christopher Cox (Christopher Cox), said in testimony computer system of garbage data processing more than these.<strong> <a href="">Office 2010</a> </strong>is on sale now.<strong></strong><br>
Cox says, credit rating agencies gave some mortgage bonds &quot;AAA&quot; rating, and these bonds this should not get such rating. Cox in a written testimony, wrote, these rating misled the investors, also not misled the computer risk assessment model. </p>

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